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“A research team needs to gain agility
while improving its compliance and internal organization.”

Our mission:
Digitize your processes so you can stay focused
on knowledge creation and experimentation.

A modular solution

Our modules allow you to rationalize the management of consumable stocks and to optimise
the use of equipment.
Thus you will be able to control operating costs.

Inventory management of consumables, small laboratory equipment and chemical reagents

  • Entry/exit of stocks secured by QR code
  • Inventories assisted by mobile device
  • Traceability of batches, shelf life, certificates of analysis

Equipment management

  • Census by QR code
  • Preventive maintenance, periodic inspections, metrology
  • Incident reporting, corrective maintenance, spare parts management
  • Equipment reservation, platform rental

Replenishment management, warehouse management

  • Replenishment request portal
  • Minimum, ideal, maximum thresholds
  • Catalog of items in the store, photos of items, prices and availability

Purchasing management

  • Shopping cart, order creation, transmission to ERP
  • Budget approval, safety approval
  • Supplier catalog integration (flat files, REST API, EDI, P&A call)
  • Automatic entry into stock upon receipt

Need a complementary module?

Our platform is upgradeable. It allows the integration of modules created especially for our customers.
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How safe is my data?

Quarks platforms are available in SaaS, dedicated SaaS, and On-premisemodes. They satisfy the requirements of your IT departments.

Access to your platform may be subject to restrictions. They are operated via a low-level or application firewall, VPN, SSO, 2FA, WAF depending on the criticality level of your data.

The data stored in your platform is not reused or mixed with that of other clients.
Please contact us to learn more about our single-tenant containerized solution and our reversibility clause.

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They rely on us

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